America's Leading Outsourced Professional Services System

While serving our customers since 2000, MediaCentric™ has heard (paraphrasing), “If only you were in ‘my state’ or ‘my city’ we would use your services instead.”

Even by our travel, MediaCentric™ worked in over 23 states within the last couple of years.  Our Founder and President, David Lopez, has been evaluating when the best timing would be to go nationwide and how to do it. Organic growth takes considerable time and requires extensive recruiting, training, management oversight and significant expenses. On the other hand, growth by acquisition has its own set of complications, technicalities, headaches and expenses.

David Lopez has always made sure MediaCentric™ pioneered new paths with regards to

their services and would like to lead the way in a new type of AV subcontractor structure. That is, to create a nationwide system of franchise owner/operators that have the entrepreneurial spirit, foundational experience and structured discipline to venture into their own business, having purchased into the system with their own investment. This spirit is pioneering something new in our industry outsourcing model. And with MediaCentric’s proven and refined structured sales systems, accounting, process workflow, organizational structure and methodologies on the shoulders of a veteran team of professionals who offer dedicated support to the national system, we will create America’s Leading Outsourced Professional Services System on the market today.  

The opportunity of a MediaCentric™ Franchise

If you have some or all of the following attributes & skills you could be eligible to own a MediaCentric™ franchise.
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Leadership Oriented
  • Self Motivated
  • Customer Service Minded
  • Technically and Mechanically Savvy
  • Good Business Sense
  • Responsible Financially
  • Good Credit Required
  • Hard-Working
  • Leadership experience or traits
  • Experience with AV/IT, Security, Construction

One of the following locations can be yours!

Don’t delay! Locations are exclusive and are moving fast. We’re accepting submissions from qualified and interested parties using the form below.

New Franchise Inquiries

You are interested in starting a MediaCentric™ Franchise and would like more information on becoming a part of a leading AV Integration Service.
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